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A first of its kind accessory for both eyeglasses and sunglasses, each handmade, interchangeable charm gives individuals the power to share their passions, make a statement or to simply decorate their eyewear for fun! Read more about us.

We're on the lookout for meaning full connections with small, medium or super nova sized bloggers, influencers, Youtubers or independent reporters. Basically, anyone who has a loyal & loving audience.  

Are you interested in collaborating with us? Great!
Our goal is to increase awareness to the new buzz, Cloozz! We love our customers. We take a great deal into creating the perfect customer experience and we'd love the opportunity to share that experience with your audience! Each unique Cloo has it's story behind it and the thought of hearing why you choose a specific Cloo, while sharing that with your audience sound AMAZING.  

What we offer

  • Affiliation 
  • Discount codes for your audience
  • Coverage in our social media pages 
  • Free products
  • Payment ( if applicable )


  • At least 2,000 monthly visits OR 3,000 followers
  • A passionate storyteller!

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