Q & A

This page is a general FAQ page regarding the use of the product. You can find our video instructions here , our shipping & returns information and product warranty information here.


Cloozz represents a groundbreaking new concept in eyewear accessories – interchangeable first-of-its-kind charms designed specifically for eyeglasses and sunglasses. Made with extra care for the details, Cloozz are offered in three exquisite options: 925 sterling silver, 14-carat gold plating, or rose gold plating. Each Cloo is adorned with superior quality enamel and embellished with pure crystals, adding further elegance and style to your eyewear.


Each Cloo is delivered with a pre-attached, standard-size black band, ready to be instantly inserted onto your eyewear. 

Inside the Cloo box, you will also find 9 extra bands – 3 in each size (small, medium, large) and in 3 classic colors (black, brown, clear). You can easily change the band size and color based on your eyewear frame. Along with the box, you will also receive an instruction manual and warranty details.

For additional information and insights, please explore our video instructions page.

It’s quick and straightforward. Your Cloo order includes a step-by-step instruction booklet, guiding you on the proper way to insert and remove your Cloozz. Once you've done it, you'll appreciate just how simple it is.

For additional insights, feel free to check out our video instructions page.

Cloozz are crafted to seamlessly accommodate a wide range of eyewear frames. Each Cloo is designed to fit temples ranging from 3 mm / 0.12” to 12 mm / 0.47”. It's important to note that Cloozz may not be suitable for frames with exceptionally thin temples (less than 3mm / 0.11”) or very wide temples (more than 12mm / 0.47”). For specific information on each Cloo's compatibility, please consult the size guide available on each individual Cloo listing on our website.

For further instructions, feel free to explore our video instructions page.

Each Cloo box includes 3 different band sizes. If the standard band pre-attached to your Cloo charm doesn't fit your frames, easily remove it and insert one of the three sizes included in the box. 

For additional guidance, please refer to our video instructions page for more details.

If you find that the pre-attached band on your Cloo charm doesn't provide the best fit, experiment with any of the 9 spare bands included in the packaging. To find the optimal fit, detach the current band from the Cloo, insert a new one into the Cloo, and then insert your Cloo onto your eyewear. 

For a step-by-step guide on selecting the right band size for your eyewear, consult the instruction booklet, which features detailed illustrations. Alternatively, visit our video instructions page for additional information.

Patented in the United States, Japan, and China, Cloozz elastic bands are specifically designed to protect your frames.

Cloozz come ready for immediate use, featuring our standard-sized black band pre-attached. Inside your Cloo box, you'll also discover 3 additional sizes of bands, available in classic colors such as black, brown, and clear, designed to accommodate various frames. If you have a preference for a particular color that complements your uniquely colored frame, you may opt to purchase additional bands separately. For more details, please refer to our video instructions page